Worming and antiparasitic

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Ivermek®-gel is a complex antiparasitic veterinary drug for external application. It is unique among other drugs of its kind because it does not only kill insectoid and acarid etiologic agents but also improves condition of treated animals and deals with after-effects.
Ivermek®-gel is a transparent opalescent hydrophilic gel which color may vary from colorless to light yellow.
Ivermek®-gel is prepackaged in disposable tubes (with the capacity of 30 ml).

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Ivermek is an antiparasitic veterinary drug which is a unique micellar water-dispersed form of ivermectin and vitamin E, one of the most effective among contemporary antiparasitic agents which has a wide range of antiparasitic acitivity.
Appearance: transparent opalescent colorless or light yellow sterile solution.

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