Alfamec 1%

Alfamec is a parasiticide for the treatment and control of internal and
external parasites in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and camels.
For the treatment and control in cattle, sheep, goats and camels of the
following parasites:
Gastro-intestinal worms such as Ostertagia spp., Haemonchus placei,
Cooperia spp., Trichostrongylus spp., Stronchyloides papillosus, and
Oesophagostomum radiatus; Lungworms:Dictyocaulus viviparus;
Eyeworms: Thelazia spp.; Warbles (parasitic stage): Hypoderma Bovis and
H. Lineatum; Sucking lice: Linognathusvituli, Haematopinus eurysternus
and Solenopotes capillatus; Mites: Pseroptes bovis, Sarcoptes scabiei var.
For treatment and control in pigs of the following parasites: Gastrointestinal worms: Ascaris suis, Oesophagostomum spp., Hyostrongylus
rubidus, Strongyloides ransomi; Lungworms: Metastrongylus spp.; Lice:
Haematopinus suis; Mites: Sarcoptes scabiei var. suis.
By subcutaneous injection only.
Cattle, sheep, goats, camels: 0.2 ml per 10 kg b.w. (0.2 mg ivermectine per kg)
pigs: 1 ml per 33 kg b.w. (0.3 mg ivermectine per kg)
Not for intravenous or intramuscular use;
Soft tissue swelling at the injection site has been observed.
Advised withdrawal times:
milk : 28 days
meat : 28 days
At room temperature (15-25°C), protected from light.
Per 12 vials of 50 ml.
Per 6 vials of 500 ml.

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