- The drug contains a unique mixture of active substances (ivermectin, dexpanthenole and lidocaine) which provide high antiparasitic activity;
- Gel matrix ensures that active substances quickly access all areas affected by parasite;
- Ivermectin, an active substance of this drug, causes disruption of nerve impulses, paralysis and subsequent death of acarid agents.
- Dexpanthenol is a vulnerary agent which quickly recovers skin affected by acarid invasion and pathogenic flora;
- Lidocaine quickly soothes the animals by dealing with skin irritation and itch;
- The drug retains its acaricide activity for 5-7 days;
- Structure of ivermectin ensures its low absorption to blood and consequently does not cause any toxic effects on animals’ health;
- Ivermek® does not cause skin irritation and hastens skin recovery;
- Ivermek® is easy to use due to its form and packaging;

Contents: active substance – ivermectin (1.0 mg/ml), panthenol (15 mg/ml), lidocaine (50 mg/ml) and gel-forming matrix.

Ivermek®-gel is an acaricide medical drug which is very effective against larva and mature forms of sarcoptoid and demodex mites. Ivermectin, an active substance of Ivermek-gel, increases inhibitory neurotransmitter (γ-aminobutiric acid) production which leads to disruption of nerve impulses, paralysis and subsequent death of parasitic agents. Panthenol is a vulnerary agent while lidocaine is a local anesthetic and antipruritic agent. Ivermectin is practically not absorbed by skin, thus prolonging drug’s acaricide activity on skin, hair follicles and oil glands for 5-7 days.
Ivermek®-gel belongs to low-hazardous substances. If the recommended dose is observed, the drug does not have any resorptive toxic, embrytoxic, teratogenic or mutagenic effect and does not cause local irritation. On eye contact, the drug causes slight irritation. The drug is toxic for fish and bees.

Ivermek-gel can be used as a curative measure against notoedric mange, sarcoptic mange, follicular mange and otodectic mange of dogs, cats, rabbits and other domestic animals, as well as against thelaziosis of bovine cattle and wohlfahrtiosis.

A thin layer of Ivermek®-gel shall be applied to an affected place (which have to be cleared from scabs and crust first) with the dose being as follows: 0.2-0.3 ml per 1 kg of animal weight for treating follicular mange of dogs and cats, sarcoptic mange of dogs and notoedric mange of cats. The gel shall be rubbed in by moving from periphery to center of an affected place; the area of application shall include 1-2 cm of marginal unaffected skin. In order to prevent the drug being licked away, the treated animal shall be muzzled (or their jaws fixed with ribbon or tape) for 15-20 minutes after application of drug. The gel shall be applied 2-4 times with 5-7 days interval until complete clinical recovery of treated animal which has to be confirmed by two negative results of acarologic analysis. If the affected area is large, the drug shall be applied twice: one half of affected area shall be treated on one day and the other half – on the next day.
If acarine disease is complicated with bacterial infection, it is recommended to apply immunomodulatory and antibacterial drugs as well.
In the case of otodectic mange (ear mange), external auditory canal is first cleaned from scabs and crust with a sponge saturated with Ivermectin-gel, after that 0.5 – 2.0 ml (depending on animal weight) of Ivermectin®-gel shall be applied to each ear. In order to apply Ivermectin-gel to the whole surface of ear and auditory passage, the cat’s pinna shall be folded in half and then downward and slightly massaged after that. The drug shall be applied 1-2 times with 5-7 days interval. If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated. The drug must always be applied to both ears even if only ear is affected with otodectic mange. In severe cases of disease (if it is complicated with otitis), it is recommended to apply antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Usually there are no complications or adverse effects if drug is applied in accordance with this prescribing information.
If an individual animal is hypersensitive to components of Ivermek-gel and if there are symptoms of skin irritation, the treatment shall be stopped, the gel shall be removed with a sponge and flushed by water.
The gel shall not be applied to emaciated and recovering animals or animals with infectious diseases.

Terms of storage: The drug shall be stored in original sealed package in a dry shadowed place within temperature range from 0 to 20 °C. The drug shall be kept out of reach of children and animals.
Shelf life: 18 months since the date of production, if all terms of storage are observed.

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