Vitamin and mineral additives



Clear solution of slightly yellowish to yellow colour with a brownish tint.


Active ingredients (g) contained in 100 ml of this medicine:

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E-Selen is a water-soluble complex of vitamin E and selenium (prepared as solution for injections and oral application) used for treatment and prevention of domestic animals and poultry diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin E and selenium.
Appearance: transparent opalescent colorless liquid.
Packaging: E-selen is prepackaged in hermetically sealed vials (with capacity of 20, 50 and 100 ml).

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Each ml solution contains:
15,000 IU Vitamin A propionate
1,000 IU Vitamin D3
20 IU Vitamin E acetate
10 mg Vitamin B1
6.85 mg Vitamin B2
3 mg Vitamin B6
35 mg Nicotinamide
0.05 mg Vitamin B12
25 mg d-Panthenol

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