- Significant antioxidant effect
- The drug promotes growth and weight gain of young animals
- Immunostimulating effect
- The drug is very efficient even in low doses
- Antistress and antitoxic effects
- The drug has to be applied only once every 2-4 months
- The drug doesn’t cause any restriction after its application

Active substances – tocopherol (vitamin E) (50 mg/ml), sodium selenite (0.5 mg/ml), and auxiliary components..

E-selen compensates for vitamin E and selenium deficiency in animal organism. Selenium (a constituent part of selenoproteins and several hormones) is a microelement responsible for antioxidant defense system; it has a huge immunostimulating effect and promotes vitamin E digestion. Vitamin E regulates redox processes and affects carbohydrate-lipid exchange, enhances effects of vitamin A and vitamin D3, affects immune system and general resistance.
Application of this drug leads to quick increase in vitamin E and selenium concentrations and normalization of metabolic processes.

E-selen® is used as a preventative and curative measure against diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin E and selenium including:
- dysfunctions of reproductive function;
- dysfunction of fetal development;
- white-muscle disease, traumathic myositis and cardiopathy;
- massive liver necrosis;
- growth inhibition and insufficient weight gain;
- contagious and invasive diseases;
- preventative vaccinations and dehelminthization;
- nitrite, heavy metal and mycotoxin poisonings;
- stressful situations.

E-selen® shall be applied intramuscularly or subdermally (for horses, only intramuscularly) once per 2-4 months as a preventative measure with the dose being as follows:
- 1 ml per 50 kg of animal weight for adult animals;
- 0.2 ml per 10 kg of animal weight for young farm animals;
- 0.04 ml per 1 kg of animal weight for cats, dogs and fur animals;
- 1-2 ml per 1 l of potable water once per 2 weeks for chickens, once per month for young and adult birds.
For the sake of convenient application of small volumes of E-selen, it can be diluted with sterile water or saline solution and thoroughly mixed afterwards.
E-selen® shall not be applied if treated animal is hypersensitive to selenium or in case of excessive concentration of selenium in animal organism and feed (alkali disease).

24 months since the date of production

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