Xylazine 2%

Indications and uses:
Sedative, analgesic, anaesthetic and muscle relaxant with cattle, horses, cats
and dogs.
All indications where relaxation is needed: transport, excited animals,
parturition, surgery,as pre-anaesthetic.
Do not administer during the last month ofgestation in cattle, or in case of
heart or lung problems.
Cattle: intramuscularly : sedation 0.25 ml/100 kg b.w.
: minor surgery 0.50 ml/100 kg b.w.
: major surgery 1.00 ml/100 kg b.w.
Horses : intravenously 4 ml/100 kg b.w.
: intramuscularly 10 ml/100 kg b.w.
Sheep : intramuscularly 0.15 ml/10 kg b.w.
Dogs : iv or im 0.15 ml/kg b.w.
Cats : im 0.15 ml/kg b.w.
Advised Withdrawal times:
milk : none.
meat : none.
Store cool (8-15°C), protected from light.
Per 24 vials of 30 ml.

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