Kanamycin 25%

Broad spectrum antibiotic, active against Gram-positive (Corynebacterium,
Staphylococcus and especially Gram-negative bacteria,
such as Aerobacter, Enterobacter, E.coli, Klebsiella, Proteus and Salmonella.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Bacteroides spp are
An efficacious blood level is very quickly obtained after intramuscular injection
(within 30 minutes).
Septicemia, mastitis, endometritis, urogenital and respiratory infections;
salmonellosis, secondary infections in case of viral diseases,
abscesses and phlegmons...
Kanamycin is used esp. when the microorganisms are resistant to other antibiotics,
and is also bactericidal in low doses, so
development of resistance is very slow.
By intramuscular or subcutaneous injection or, in case of very acute infections,
slowly intravenously:
Horses, cattle 2 ml per 100 kg b.w. daily.
Foals and calves 2 ml per 50 kg b.w. daily.
Pigs and sheep 2 ml per 50 kg b.w. daily.
Small animals 0.1 ml per 1 kg b.w. daily.
Poultry 0.1 ml per 1 kg b.w. daily.
Intra-uterine 1-2 ml.
Advised withdrawal times:
Meat : 6 days.
Milk : 4 days.
Cool (8 - 15 °C), protected from light.
Per 12 vials of 100 ml.

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