Alfamycine 10%

Broad spectrum antibiotic, active against most Gram-negative and certain Grampositive germs. The action is comparable tothe other aminoglycosides, such as
streptomycin, neomycin or kanamycin, but its sensitivity is larger.
Infections by germs sensitive to gentamycin, such as Salmonella, Corynebacterium;
colibacillosis, mastitiscaused by E. coli, septicaemia, infections of the digestive and
urinary tract.
By intramuscular injection:
All animals 4 ml per 100 kg b.w.daily (4 mg/kg) for 3-5 days.
In case of severe or chronic infection,the treatment may be repeated once or twice (
half a dose every 12 hours).
Pregnant animals.
Animals with kidney damage.
Advised withdrawal times:
meat : 7 days.
milk : 3 days.
At room temperature (15 - 25 °C), protected from light.
Per 12 vials of 100 ml.

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