- Tilozin is especially effective against bronchopneumonia and dysentery of calves and piglets;
- The drug has to be applied intramuscularly and only once a day.
- The course of treatment lasts for 3 days.

Active substance – tylosin base (50 mg/ml and 200 mg/ml, respectively), and auxiliary substances.
Tilozin is an antibiotic agent with bacteriostatic activity; it has been designed specifically for veterinary use. Tilozin is effective against gram-positive and some gram-negative bacteria including streptococci, staphylococci, leptospira, corynebacteria, clostridia, erysipelothrixes, pasterellae, chlamidiae, treponema hyodysenteriae, spirochets and mycoplasma. After Tilozin has been introduced intramuscularly, it quickly resorbs and reaches its maximal concentration in tissues within 1 hour after injection. After that, drug retains its therapeutic concentration for 20-24 hours. Tilozin leaves the body mostly with urine and bile secretions; for lactating animals it can also leave the body with milk.
Tilozin belongs to low hazardous substances.

Tilozin 50 and Tilozin 200 can be used as a preventative and curative measure against the diseases caused by tylosin-sensitive microbes and as a curative and preventative measure against secondary diseases of virus infections. The list of diseases is as follows:
- for bovine cattle, calves: pneumonia, mastitis, enteritis, secondary diseases of virus infections;
- for pigs: enzootic pneumonia, arthritis, dysentery, secondary diseases of virus infections and atrophic rhinitis, erysipelas etc.;
- for sheep, goats: contagious agalactia, goats pneumonia;


Tilozin shall be introduced intramuscularly once a day. In the case of repeated application of Tilozin, another place of injection shall be chosen. Recommended doses of drug (calculated per 1 kg of animal weight) are as follows:

Type of animal

Tilozin 50

Tilozin 200

Bovine animals, calves

0.1 – 0.2 ml

0.025 – 0.05 ml


0.2 ml

0.05 ml

Sheep, goats

0.2 – 0.24 ml

0.05 – 0.06 ml

Dogs, cats

0.1 – 0.2 ml

0.025 – 0.05 ml

Usually there are no complications or adverse effects if drug is applied in accordance with this prescribing information. Some individual animals have increased sensitivity to Tilozin; they may experience allergic reaction. Pigs may experience allergic reactions with the following symptoms: light edema, erythema itching and respiratory problems which shall disappear by themselves. Depending on circumstances, treatment may have to be stopped in order to solve the problem. The course of treatment shall not last for more than 3 days.

Tilozin shall not be applied to animals that are hypersensitive to its components. Tilozin 50 and Tilozin 200 shall not be used simultaneously with penicillin group drugs (especially ampicillin and oxacillin), cephalosporin and lincomycin because it significantly decreases antibacterial efficiency of tylosin.

Treated animals can be slaughtered for food no sooner than 8 days after the last application of Tilozin. In case of compulsory slaughter occurring before the above stated period, meat of slaughtered animals can be used as animal feed or reprocessed into bone tankage. Milk of milking animals can be used as food no sooner than 4 days after the last injection of Tilozin. This milk can be used as animal feed.

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